Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Sew Up The Octopus

So you might remember reading here about my adventures with a sew your own bear kit? No, well then look it up! It was a lot of fun. So with my knee out of action I've returned to making soft toys. This time My own design. I've created a sew your own Glob kit. The toy is completed but the pattern is going to take a little time to finish. When it's done I'll put it on my website. Hopefully pictures of this fabled stuffed octopus will follow!

Ian xxx

ps. It's only a prototype so don't get too excited!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Pratchett Goodies

Whether you're a fan of Mr Pratchett or not I'm sure you'd like to look at the lovely coasters now available at www.terrypratchett.com. Why? Well, because not only are they cool for us fans (You can tell which character is which just by their clothing) but they're features are indistinct. Why is this good? Because I can enjoy them without having my painstainkingly constructed mental pictures runined by over detailed art. Plus they're really cute. Yes I love them and can't wait to sant my mug on a Rincewind coaster.



Tuesday, 16 November 2010


I like running. I run a lot. I've recently acquired a head torch so not more winter runs around the reservoir in the dark or around the roads! And why am I telling you this? Well last night I put on said headtorch then set off. I spent a happy hour running down the road, up the alley, along the dark path, over the field, then around the reservoir. Then I returned over the field, along the dark path and down the alley, all in the pitch black. I emerged on the well lit main street took about five strides...and tripped over curb! Dozy! Well, I landed like a sack of potaotes. Needless to say its swollen up like a gherkin and walking is a teensy bit difficult. Getting up and down the stiars is really difficult! As I do a lot of walking/running and cycling I'm finding it quite stressful. But on the plus side writing is going really well.
Thanks for reading.

Ian xxx

Thursday, 11 November 2010

About Writing

Phew, it's been a while since I posted hasn't it! I didn't think it was this long. Anyway i thought I'd fill you in on...some writing! Phoar that makes a change. Yes it's laborious and it's taken ages but Gull Cove Book2 is in the final stages of another rewrite. Why? Because I was very unhappy with it before. Now? Now I'm really happy...with most of it. I'll just give it a final lick of polish and it'll back to everyone's favourite job...publisher hunting, and agent hunting...Sigh. I'd just like you to read it really. I'm just glad I've taken that extra time to rewrite it. I'm sure the characters, the story, even the blancmange are better! In other writing news I've got enough Gull Cove ideas to keep me writing for years to come and there are all sorts of other things kicking about that will be finished soon. And then I can rewrite them too. Yes it's laborious and takes ages, but it's worth it to make the final product better! I finished one recently, if I could just rewrite that too. So much writing, so little time...so many ants in my pants. No wonder Tolkien had so much publsihed posthumosly - he wouldn't have let it out whilst he was alive! :-)

Ian xxx